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Please read the following for your sake and ours

This site is totally free. This means that no one has to pay us or anyone else for using this site and its contents in any manner they feel fit. This automatically means that we disown any responsibility whatsoever arising, directly or indirectly, out of their use.

For the public section please note that the medical doctors have the final say in ALL matters and hence in case of any doubt please take suitable advice from them as and when you deem necessary.

Please note that this is a PILOT project to try out certain application ideas that we believe are most important to the usefulness of telemedicine. In our opinion, telemedicine is the future of medicine and delivery of the best-available-at-the-time quality medical care from anywhere at anytime to anyone. There is NO guarantee that all the programmes would work as they are expected and be without any bugs or other faults that render them dangerous. Please use the contents of the sites to your heart's desire but do not believe in them just for their sake. Use your own intelligence as to their usefulness. I absolve myself from any consequences arising out of their use, either directly or indirectly. I design, develop, and create programmes out of India, but these web pages are hosted in websites physically located in the USA. Also, some links take you to a site physically located in India. Different laws apply vis-a-vis these two countries, not to mention the other countries from where they may be accessed via the Internet.  Some errors are there and we fully acknowledge their presence. Please email us if any are brought to your notice.

This site is linked with several others. While most of them are registered by us, one site is owned by another company who have given us the honour of using their site. All the images and graphics and sounds physically reside on the servers alone from where the page is located.

Do send us emails to provide me with any feedback that you feel like - but be cautioned, no spamming or hate mails or anything obnoxious. We shall take appropriate action, which shall be totally decided by us in conformation with the existing custom and practises (like blocking the offending address, reporting to the appropriate authorities both in India and the USA, naming such persons and their addresses on special pages) to the fullest possible extent if any user indulges in any such nefarious deeds.

A few additional points are necessary -

  1. Since this site is linked with several others, please be patient as you are directed from one site to another. Also, most of the pages do take their own time to download which depends upon the speed of your processor, the amount of on-board memory, etc. The pages are best viewed using Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x and above or Netscape Communicator 4.x and above. Any other web browser may not be able to use all the services provided herein. So, please do not complain if things do not perform as expected. Having multi-media will definitely add to the overall flavour.
  2. In the data entry section, do try to fill in those informations that are marked with a red coloured star, else the data put in would be useless to anyone. No data is stored anywhere and you will have to take a hardcopy printout if you wish to have a copy of the data fed in. Ther is no limitation on the number of times you can use this feature. 
  3. The Student and Doctor sections contain heavy medical talk and is NOT geared for information dissemination to the general public and hence may be quite incomprehensible.
  4. In the doctor's section the data fed in is more pertinent for a consultation and is meant for data-entry by the medical doctors only. Again, no data is stored anywhere and a hardcopy printout must be taken or else all data fed in will be lost. This feature may be used any number of times.
  5. All calculations are based on recommended formulae and are Y2K compliant as far as our experience goes. If your system is not, then this fact will be reflected in them. So please fill in the century and not just the final two digits when using them! We do NOT take any responsibility arising out of their use, either directly or indirectly.
  6. All medical students and doctors are invited to submit their suggestions, comments, questions (including MCQs), articles, notes, write-ups, etc. While we cannot pay for any material submitted we shall try to use them in any manner as seen fit by us. The copyright of the material will have to be retained by us but the name of the person(s) submitting the material will be mentioned and the source attributed to them. We shall disown any responsibility arising out of their use, as a matter of routine precaution.
  7. Try to send only text-based material preferably in free text form so that we may use them as quickly as possible. Sounds and pictures take time to be incorporated. All material should ideally have contain a bibliography indicating the source of information, unless it is original work. The manner of presentation must however be original and not merely be copied in toto since you may be contravening any copyrights that exists vis-a-vis the material(s).
  8. This site will undergo significant changes while others are not yet operative. While the changes will be continuous, the non-operative sections are expected to become operative by end of 1999.
  9. To read all about telemedicine, visit my Yahoo!Geocities site. It has a lot of technical stuff about it. If you are interested in the latest developments and additions about the subject, look at the updates section at the same site.
  10. Another important point to note is that the telemedicine applications provided at this site is just a drop in the ocean of all telemedical applications. This is just a sample, something to whet one's appetite and demonstrate what telemedicine could be like, and is most certainly not a lot of it. Frankly, if you think that the various applications presented at this site is promising, you ain't seen nothin yet! All applications are driven solely through the Net. Telemedicine would use the Internet to transfer messages but many other applications would essentially be desktop with most functions being seamlessly used in combination with the Net that the user would mostly be unaware when the Net is being used and when not.
  11. Most of the material and the programming that drives this site and the contents therein have been designed and developed by us. Please do not try to mimic them as you would be hurting our creativity. The music that you hear have been acquired from sources which we cannot accurately attribute them to. None of them are of the MP3 variety. However, since we have had no hand in their creation nor presentation, if we have trampled on anyone's copyright, please let us know and we shall take immediate remedial measures and remove them both from our site and physically from the web servers where they currently reside.
  12. In case of any discrepancy or doubts, do contact your doctor whose opinion is final in all matters regarding your health as always.
  13. We use a cookie to stop the popup window from bothering you. This cookie expires every day. We cannot stop the window from popping up at all, but can hopefully stop from it doing so everytime you visit the welcome page. Also, we have a tracking system in place that helps us indetifying the various visitors to our site. We do NOT give away any IP address that are revealed to us (which in any case is mostly limited to the last 10 visitors).


The dawn of telemedicine is upon us. What was a fantasy, has now become a reality. What was a costly affair, has now essentially acquired the potential to become free.

Made up from the combination of the Greek word 'tele' meaning 'distance' and the Latin word 'mederi' meaning 'healing', telemedicine may therefore be appropriately called 'distance healing'.

Several applications are already in existence. Some successful, some costly, some useful and some just the opposite of all of these (either in isolation or in combination).

This is yet another PILOT project and has been entirely designed by me to find out the advisability and usefulness of such projects.

Here the general public may store their medical and personal data which may be public or private. Public information may be viewed by anyone having the username of the person whose information has been stored. Private information however requires not only the username but also the password [the username for public and private need not be the same]. In the private section medical details may be kept.

Do keep sending us your opinion regarding this site so that we may make the necessary changes and implement them as soon as possible.

The user is once again most strongly urged to think most carefully about the contents and make a judgement based on their own perceptions. Ignore this warning at your own risk.

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